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One United Power DVD

 There has never been a movie like this before. He tells the story of a Berlin graffiti crew, in some ways from rags to riches. It starts with there beginning in Berlin Kreuzberg and ends with their creative movement worldwide. The crews name is therefore today a wellknown, prestigious one.

Inspired by their philosophy: one crew, one love. "One up" travels the world for 8 years to spread colour - like a dog marking its territory.

The movie accompanies them through the Berlin underground, shows them while driving in a Tuk Tuk through Bangkok, barefooted in Sao Paulo, in disguise in Paris, with a baklava in Istanbul and chased by street dogs in Bucharest. And of course back again in Berlins tunnels. It's a movie full of adrenaline and action and shows that everything is possible - especially in the graffiti world!

One up!

2 DVDs, time: 77min + 150min bonus, stereo, image format: 4:3, PAL, Subtitles: Arabic, English, French, Italien, Polish, Russian, Spanish.


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  • Cena: 95,00PLN